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DJI Air Unit Hatch for Discover STL File


FPV Hatch option for Craycle Discover.

SKU: CR23_4648434

It is an additional product for Craycle Discover.

FPV Camera Size: 20mm

FPV Hatches enable modular FPV system design for our models. In this way, we can design Hatches for all possible FPV systems and make Discover compatible with them. If you can't find a Hatch suitable for your FPV system, please request it from us.

In our Hatch designs, the VTX is held firm, while the Camera holders are weak. In this way, in case of an accident, the camera arms will break and get rid of it and the camera will take minimum damage (Tested many times).

The FPV Hatch works perfectly even with Regular PLA, the VTX seating surfaces allow the passage of wind from the seating surface and keep the heat of the VTX away from the Hatch. In this way, even Regular PLA doesn't welt by heating during flight. For this reason, keep the FPV system off when the model is not in the air. To make it more heat resistant, FPV Hatch can be printed with PetG material.

Download Included:

  • Discover Air Unit Hatch STL File
  • Ready to Print G-Code


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