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GoPro Hero 9-10 Holder for Discover STL File

Action Camera Holder option for Craycle Discover.

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It is an additional product for Craycle Discover.

Action camera holders enable modular action camera design for Discover. In this way, we can design Holders for all possible Action Cameras in the market and make Discover compatible with them. If you can't find a Holder suitable for your Action Camera, please request it from us.

Action Camera holder protects your camera in case of an accident and keeps cool the camera in the air. Thanks to this design, the camera remains secure inside the fuselage and doesn't create additional drags outside.

Camera holders work perfectly even with Regular PLA thanks to the Nose cooling vents but if you can print the holder with TPU filament, the holder can protect better in case of an accident situation. Printing settings will be the same while printing with TPU.

Printer Settings are included in the Discover.

Download Included:

  • Discover GoPro Hero 9-10 Holder STL File
  • Ready to Print G-Code


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