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Home STL Files Aircraft Files Plane Files Ranger V2 800 mm 3ch Trainer STL File

Ranger V2 800 mm 3ch Trainer STL File

Ranger Mini 3ch RC trainer plane. Also you can fly as FPV as make modifications.

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(13 customer reviews)
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Click for the pdf user guide

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to enter the world of 3D-printed RC airplanes and FPV flying, you might want to check out the Craycle FPV Ranger V2. This is a training model that can help you learn how to build and fly your own 3D-printed airplane.

You don't need to have model airplane building experience. Following the simple instructions in the PDF, you can build the model and experience your first flight immediately. Don't be afraid to crash! It's always easier and more enjoyable to rebuild a model you made. We'll help you here, send us videos and photos about the problem or crash. Share them on our Facebook Group. We'll assess the situation and help you identify the problem.

Ranger V2 comes in two versions: a 3-channel version without Ailerons and FPV compatibility (still free to download) and a 4-channel version with Ailerons and FPV compatibility. This is the 3ch Free Version.

You can Check the 4ch Sports Version here.

The Ranger V2 is designed to be easy to build and fly, even for beginners. It has a stable and slow flight performance, making it ideal for learning the basics of RC flight. It will also help you improve your flight skills by performing basic acrobatic maneuvers with its 4-channel FPV version. The Ranger V2 is also durable and crash-proof thanks to its 3D-printed Regular PLA construction. Ranger also protects all electronics, motor, and propeller thanks to its fuselage design and motor position.

Enjoy your Free Craycle Model and please leave a comment below about the model with your thoughts.

You can ask technical support about this model even if it's free. You can also use our Facebook Crafter Group to discuss with our Community.

General Specs

  • Length: 575 mm
  • Wingspan: 800 mm
  • Print Weight: 311 grams
  • Flying Weight: 500-650 grams
  • Wing Area: 11.1 dm2
  • Wing Loading: 49.4 g/dm2
  • Airfoil: NACA 2412
  • Minimum Printer Size: 150x150x180 mm
  • Material: Regular PLA (PetG and LW-PLA Compatible)

Download Included

  • STL Files.
  • Cura Profile.
  • Ready to print G-code files (G-codes need min 180x180mm print area).
  • User Guide (Detailed for assembling and printing).
  • Tech support.

Required Electronics

  • 4ch Radio
  • 2205 2300kv Brushless Motor
  • 5040 Propeller - 3 blades
  • 30A ESC
  • 1500 mAh 3S Lipo
  • 4 pcs, 9g servos
  • Carbon Rods
    • Ø4x250 mm
  • CA Glue

Buy Ranger Power Pack for electronics.

Ultimaker Cura Slicer is recommended! Click for download craycle.curaprofile

Blog Article for Build/Flight videos, Required Electronics, and more information.

13 reviews for Ranger V2 800 mm 3ch Trainer STL File

  1. suleymanserbest (verified owner)

    I couldn’t find a pdf file for assembly tips which is included with discover. Is there any pdf like that? Great model btw looking fovard to fly it.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Sorry, it was deleted since we were updating the models. Just added in description.

  2. wayne handschuh (verified owner)

    Love this plane …also have a idea make all parts with a like Lego click in so hold and makes stronger on break points .

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      As you know, Ranger has some points that have inserts like Lego but it’s not suitable to make every part like Lego in our existing models. If we do this, the model loses some details. But we are considering making a special model for it that offers quick and safe assembly. We are working on it.

      Discover has detachable wings which work perfectly but it’s not suitable for all our models in 800mm. For example, the Orca has enough space for it. So, some models will be updated in the future 😀 Stay tuned…

  3. wayne handschuh (verified owner)

    Purchased this awhile back printed with pla and smashed it on launch ..I think my next purchase will be the talon lookalike …ore my style ..oh btw I love the orca v2 but really wish you guys would make it so you can detach the wings .if not then make it so each part clicks together like a Lego will strengthen the build

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you for your interest in our models. I noted your advices. Maybe it was hand launching fail. You should check this video to learn how to hand launch a pusher plane: Click for the video.

  4. Alex Sibbald (verified owner)

    Easy download, really free, lots of good detail. Going to print it up

  5. optimus34 (verified owner)

    I’m print the LW-PLA,Easy to put togethe.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      This is great! You can share your process on our Facebook Crafter Group. Join the Community: https://bit.ly/craftergroup

  6. Henke3d (verified owner)

    the pieces print great!

  7. Zdenek Kulig (verified owner)

    After printing the classic PLA, it is heavy, and in order to import the battery, I have to add 200g to the front part, so my experience with this model is very poor

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Print weight with Regular PLA is specified in the PDF manual and descriptions. If your prints are heavier than these values, your extruder flow may be too high or your print settings may be wrong. First try importing Cura profile and printing with craycle.curaprofile. And then you should check each part’s weight from the part list in the PDF after print.

  8. Jan Goudbeek

    Will pla or pla+ be ok?

    I worry a bit about the weigth 😀

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      We are developing models with Regular PLA but our models are also compatible with LW-PLA. Don’t worry about the weight 😀

  9. yusuftanerozefe (verified owner)


    Looks great ! We are realy looking foward for new projects.

  10. John Hunt (verified owner)

    I have just started 3d printing. I did this project after only having my printer for a week. Everything printed great and assembled like it should. Makes a great looking plane. Thank you.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you for your interest 😊

  11. Werner Beroux (verified owner)

    It’s nice to have a free version here as well.

    The Sport version has ailerons and FPV canopy (wasn’t very clearly written).

    It seems however that the free version is a rapid copy/paste of the Sport version with many confusing omissions:
    – Some images show FPV canopy and ailerons (I guess you can buy the canopy and use it in the free version).
    – The description says 4CH or some parts of the Sport version.
    – The manual is pretty much the Sport version with many things not for the free version like the recommended parts, list of print parts, number of servos…
    – Missing prop recommended pitch (for 2 and 3 blades)
    – I’d put the recommended hardware of the blog post on the home page of the model to also have an always green version (with affiliate links).
    – Links to recommended bolt and nut (there are many types of nuts but it needs a standard hex nut); also shouldn’t the recommended M4 bolt be a nylon one?

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Werner, thanks for the detailed review.

      In the Ranger V2 PDF Manual, the Free Version page (Page 14) states exactly which parts have been changed in the free version. There is also this information in the blog post.

      Unfortunately, FPV Canopies are not compatible with the free version. In the Sport Version, we had to make some changes to the FS1 and FS2 parts.

      The electronics of the free version are no different, it does not require aileron servos, as there are only 3 channels. Other than that, everything is the same.

      We don’t give pitch information for propellers because it’s actually motor related. The most suitable propeller pitch value for the motor you are using is specified in the motor test data from the manufacturer.

      You can access the products by downloading the PDF for the necessary electronics and clicking on the names of the electronics. We only add the necessary products on the Blog page through the website. There are multiple reasons for this, some of them are; Creating offsite links on the product page creates compatibility issues on Instagram and other platforms, increases the risk of the website appearing as spam, and makes the product page more cluttered. Apart from that, we make it mandatory to go to the Blog post because we will show the details in the Blog posts that we cannot show on the product page. The blog posts are not as detailed as I imagined, but we’ll edit them all when the time comes.

      You can use plastic M4 bolts and nuts, but I prefer to use the metal one when the metal one is not difficult to reach. If you are printing with LW-PLA, you can choose plastic bolts and nuts.

      Thank you for your interest in Craycle Models!

  12. Ben

    Easy to put together, great files

  13. kulibin.construct (verified owner)

    Good model. Everything is well designed and versatile. I recommend.

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