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Ranger V2 800 mm FPV Trainer PNF Printed Kit

Ranger V2 800 mm Radio Controlled FPV Trainer Sport Plane PNF Printed Kit.

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Ranger V2 is now our newest 3D Printed RC trainer plane. With this model, we aim to reach people who have just started making 3D Printed Model Airplanes and who already have a 3D printer. You don't need to have model airplane building experience. By following the simple instructions in the PDF, you can build the model and experience your first flight right away. Don't be afraid to crash! It's always easier and more enjoyable to rebuild a model you made. We'll help you here, send us videos and photos about the problem or crash. Share them on our Facebook Group. We'll assess the situation and help you identify the problem.

Ranger V2 flies super stable and slower. With a 4-ch sport wing, it can make basic acrobacy so you can learn sportive flight with this model.

Enjoy your Craycle Model and please leave a comment below about your experience so far.

Detailed information about the model in the Blog Page.

General Specs

  • Length: 575 mm
  • Wingspan: 800 mm
  • Print Weight: 311 grams
  • Flying Weight: 500-650 grams
  • Wing Area: 11.1 dm2
  • Wing Loading: 49.4 g/dm2
  • Airfoil: NACA 2412
  • Minimum Printer Size: 150x150x180 mm

Package Included:

  • 3D Printed model parts PLA
  • 3D Printed hardware PetG (Motor mount, horn, bar, support, shaft and etc.)
  • Pre-installed rear landing gear
  • 5040 Propeller (2 or 3 blades)
  • 2205 2300Kv Brushless Motor
  • 30A ESC
  • 4 pcs, 9g Plastic Gear Servo
  • Hardened steel landing gear and TPU wheels.
  • Lipo velcro belt
  • Ø4x250mm Carbon Rod
  • Pushrods
  • TPU hinges and Hinge Maker tool
  • Hardware (Screws, Mounts, Horns and etc.)
  • Some special gifts 😀

Note: DJI Air Unit and Caddx Vista Hatches are not included in the package.
Click to buy Caddx Vista Hatch
Click to buy DJI Air Unit Hatch

Required Electronics:

  • 4ch Radio
  • 850-2500 mAh 2-4S Lipo
  • CA Glue

Note: Everything else is included in the package.

Blog Article for Build/Flight videos, Required Electronics, and more information.

Additional information

Weight 1100 g
Dimensions 420 × 320 × 120 mm

3 reviews for Ranger V2 800 mm FPV Trainer PNF Printed Kit

  1. CaliRCFlyer (verified owner)

    Nicely printed kit, easy assembly! Fast 10day shipping to California! We’ll purchase another model soon. Thanks! 🙂

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      I am glad you like it!

  2. Oleksandr Balabanov (verified owner)

    I recently purchased a kit to try out these highly praised 3D-printed planes. I must say, they seem to make EPA look outdated by 2023.

    The Ranger plane in the kit is expertly printed and comes with everything you need. However, it would be a thoughtful addition to include a strand of filament for the wings for those who do not have a printer. The manual and accompanying videos are well done and after watching them a few times, I began to appreciate the careful design that went into the product. Overall, these planes are top-notch and definitely worth trying out.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thanks for your nice comment.

      The filament was ignored by the Production Department as it was not in the parts list. We checked all packages on March 25 and have been adding filament for the wings since April. Unfortunately, you placed an order on March 18. We are very sorry for that.

      In our tests, we found that there was no problem even if the piece of filament was not attached to the wings, but of course it strengthens the wings.

      Thank you for helping us to improve our products by adding comments!

  3. Theodoros Tzuridis (verified owner)

    I bought this printed kit alongside the orca to use both for parts. The pla+? That it is made of is really strong, I have crashed them a whole bunch of times and they are still flying. I put a flight controller and receiver to fly it quite far, it would probably take me 5 days? to print the entire kit do for 60 bucks that is a great purchase

    I also never understood why so many stls never had wheels so you can land it without messing up the frame, this kit has that, I took parts from this and put it on the orca

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thanks for your nice comment. The parts are not made of PLA Plus. Instead, we strengthen the parts by optimizing the design and production, and we use Regular PLA because it is more organic and environmentally friendly.

      The Orca V2 does not have a landing gear due to its concept, but we are currently working on a landing skid. By making the bottom flexible, we will protect it from breakage. Maybe we can complete this in Orca V3. Your feedback always guides us.

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