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Why Choose Craycle?

Life Time Update

As we offer Orca V2 for free to V1 buyers, our future major improvements to our models will be freely available to previous customers.

Unique Models

All the Models are designed by Craycle Design Studio from the zero. Each model carries a concept and we will write their history and share them with you.

FPV Compatible

We made all our models FPV compatible. FPV systems are fixed on the hatch so its not difficult to design new hatches for newly released FPV systems. Request it from us.

Shorter Printing Time

All of our models can be fully printed in an average of 30 hours. We spend a lot of time making models light and durable. Also, the continuous printing technique helps.

Regular PLA

We develop our models with Regular PLA to make our hobby greener. If you need light weight and efficiency in flight, all Craycle Models are compatible with LW-PLA.

Technical Support

As always, we respond to all your technical questions as quickly as possible. Mostly within 1 hour. We also have a sales manager who gives live support on the website.

Special Techniques

We take care to bring new techniques and different design approaches to 3D Printed models. For example; Unseparated Control Surfaces, Continuous Columns, Printed Spring Lock and etc. About Us Page for more...

Common Profile

We made all our models printable with a common Cura profile. Some small parts need top and bottom layers so we prepare a settings table for each model. Please use Cura Slicer and import our profile so you can print all our models perfectly.

Colored Parting

Thanks to this technique we developed with our Crow model, you can now customize your Craycle Model by printing them in different colors without having to paint them. If you examine our models carefully, you can see that we put a lot of effort into this.

Request System

Request your dream project from us using the form on the home page. We record the requests coming from here and we do the most requested project before. Requests will be kept confidential.

Report System

You can send your complaints and suggestions about the model by clicking the Report This Model button on the product page. We record the reports and solve the most reported issue before.

Beta System

We developed Crow Racer together! Before the model is completed, it is put up for sale at an affordable price. Beta members are gathered in a telegram group and the model is developed together within this group. When the model is completed, the published version is provided free of charge to Beta members. Therefore you can buy our models more suitable and contribute to their development.