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3D Printed O-RING Wheel for RC Planes | 55 MM

I know there is TPU wheel design in the market but i want to look at this issue in different perspective. 🤔

Most people doesn’t use TPU filament because TPU are need direct drive extruder for succesfull print.🧐

I will test it on New Ranger Mini.🤗

Instagram Profile for details: https://bit.ly/craycleinstagram

Other advantage is it self suspension in the wheel. 55mm outer diameter. You can print with normal PLA to only 2 grams!😉

You will need 45×5 mm o-ring.

Youtube Channel: https://bit.ly/channel_sub

Other Models: https://bit.ly/model_library

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0,2 max layer height
0,4 nozzle
15% minimum infill
I didn’t try with TPU yet.

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