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Welcome to Craycle Community

We are building a huge library of 3D Printed RC models. You will able to reach many free and paid models in our library and we will upgrade our equipment to create better content with the income we get from paid models. Our goal is guide people who can reach 3D printers to take up this hobby. This way they can print their first models without any RC Model making experience in spending minimum cost. You will shape our work scedule leaving comment on our posts and sending mails. Always your ideas are important to us, please Contact Us for your suggestions and questions.

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Craycle Models

FPV Orca V2 - 800

3D printed RC plane FPV Orca is our first design and first experience about RC model printing. In this model, we gave importance to ease of assembly and flight stability. We have optimized for normal PLA and PetG but also you can print with LW-PLA to fly slower. You can print the model by spending only 215 grams of filament in 35 hours. You need a printer which has a 150*150*150 mm bed size to print this model at home.

Ranger V2 - 800

Ranger V2 designed for beginners. Ranger has slow flight characteristics, easy to control. It's suitable for people who will fly for the first time. Ranger V2 has been made suitable for sportive flights with FPV Fuselage and 4 Channel wing options. The Ranger V2 3ch version still available for free download! It is exactly the same as the Sport version, the only difference being that it has 3ch aileron-free wings and a fuselage that is not FPV system compatible. You can learn how to build a 3D model for free with Ranger V2.

Crow Racer - 750

Plug and play compatible with "Dji FPV Air Unit", "Caddx Vista" and "Analog FPV" systems. Developed for a real racing experience; While the camera is transmitting the view from the pilot's eye, it is also very securely protected. With its large loading volume, it supports lipo up to 6s 2200 mah. In this way, it can be used as a long range FPV as well. The mounting surface is prepared for Matek and other FCs. You can use it on your autonomous flights. You can also place your GPS and Receiver modules on the right and left inside of the wing.

CraycleCub - 800

CraycleCub is our first Super Scale Pa-18 Piper Cub RC Plane which is designed for real flight experience by “Pilot View FPV” setup. CraycleCub flies super stable and slow even if its printed with Regular PLA. You don’t need any carbon rod to build this plane so, If you are a beginner on FPV and RC Planes, then this model also for you. You can print this model with LW-PLA to make a park flyer. CraycleCub has VTX cooling vents for the DJI Air Unit, Caddx Vista and Analog FPV systems. Also like a real Pa-18 Piper Cub it has extra motor cooling vents into the side of the fuselage.

Discover - 1200

Discover was developed in a modular structure to be a common platform that can be used in long-range flights and special missions. It has a huge internal volume and features a large, modular platform for electronic systems. It has a safe holder for many action cameras in the market and will be made more diverse with your demands. Discover's wings are easily removable and are equipped with independent LEDs on the wingtips and around the Engine to make night chase flights spectacular.

Craycle Innovations

Unseparated Control Surfaces

Thin and long parts such as columns are difficult to print on 3D printers. Especially if this piece is printed with a hollow single wall line. Model airplane control surfaces are an examples of these parts. Long wing parts also have long control surfaces. Printing these parts requires the advanced printer usage experience and is quite laborious. As a solution to this, I modeled the control surfaces together with the wing to be connected to the wing at certain intervals. After the print, the control surfaces can be easily separated from the wing. (You can watch the video by clicking the link in the image to see how it works). In this way, we are able to print control surfaces together with the wings with an error-free. Thanks to this tecnique, we don’t have to worry about control surfaces any more. You can Contact Us to exchange information on the subject.

Continuous Columns

There are many amazing wing print techniques and skeleton designs. Each Model may have different design approaches due to its flight characteristics and mechanical design, but I think the most important issue is to ensure continuous printing. Especially if in regions requiring high strength. The Ranger Mini is a training model and we developed a new technique to balance lightness and strength while designing the wing structure of this model. The printer creates columns intermittently in the wing without retractions. Thanks to this technique, the printer never retracts during wing printing. The filament flow continues throughout the print without any speed change or standstill. This ensures that the printed model is thermally stable, the layers adhere better, the model surface looks flawless. Also the printing speed can be increased. By downloading Ranger, you can examine the layers in detail on Cura.

3D Printed Spring Lock

Details soon…

Screw Free Spinners

Details soon…

Quick Release Wing Lock System

Details soon…

Hover Inserts

Details soon…

Modular FPV Hatches

Details soon…

PetG Wheel Shafts

Details soon…

Recessed Servo Covers

Details soon…

Midpoint Servo Mount

Details soon…

Craycle BackLights

Details soon…

Do You Have a Special Project?

But you don’t have the experience or time to do mechanical and industrial design for your product? We provide professional Product Design service for your project!

How does it work?

We listen carefully to your requests and the details of the project. We determine the time and resources required for the project and offer a detailed price offer. We request approximately one-third of the total amount we offer as a down payment and your project is planned.

We send a report about the progress of your project every Friday and keep you updated.

A Different Way

We can modify our model for your project! For example; if you need a UAV design that can carry a product you are working on, we can try to integrate your product into one of our models. The same quote process applies for this option, but modifying an existing model may take less time and be more affordable.

Doesn’t Have to Be an RC Model!

Knowing the concept and needs, examining similar products will help us design a product that will provide a better user experience. For this reason, you should talk about your project in detail and support it with additional resources and visuals. Remember, we are not developing your idea. We design and prototype the product that best fits your idea, will provide the best user experience, and have maximum manufacturability with minimum cost.

The processes we dominate; 3D Printing, Carving, Composite, Casting, Metalworking, Woodworking, Piping, Coating, Painting.

Your Product Idea is Safe

We guarantee that your project will not be shared with third parties. Only the Craycle Founder reviews Special Project proposals.

How is it priced?

While making the pricing; Time to be spent on the project, necessary equipment, and, if necessary, outsourced support expenses are taken into account. Since the biggest parameter affecting the price is the time to be spent on the project, modifying the existing models will be the minimum cost option for you.

Our Team

Cemal OZCELIK - Founder

I am a mechanical technician and a product designer. I have about 4 years of Heavy-Duty Industrial Truck design experience. I am interested in RC Models since 2012 and i am also interested in Industrial Design. I founded Craycle Hobby to pursue my dreams and to spread the knowledge of aviation. With free models, I aim to make RC modeling accessible to the whole world, and to create a community that learns and has fun together.

Beyza PAKSOY - Product Manager

I completed my education as a Mechanical Techisian. I have about 2 years of writing and 1 years of Quality Control experience and I am interested in engineering subjects. I joined the team believing that Craycle's creative and innovative spirit would improve me. While supporting Craycle on blogging, social content, now I am working for Production of Printed Kits as Product Manager of Craycle Hobby. I believe that I will improve myself in RC Model Aviation and contribute to the Craycle Community.