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CraycleCub V1.2 Release Notes

We offer many improvements with CraycleCub V1.2.
Since the Pa18 Piper Cub is a model with a short nose and a large fuselage, it is very difficult to adjust the center of gravity. Our biggest improvement with V1.2 is that the Tail servos are moved forward by 36 mm and the fs3 is 7 grams lighter. In addition, the rear is lightened by removing a hinge and slot from the Rudder. So now you can balance your CraycleCub more easily!

Some major improvements:

  • fs3 lightened by 7 grams.
  • Tail Servos moved forward 36 mm.
  • Leveling step on the Elevator inserting surface has been removed.
  • The landing gear insert has been strengthened and made easy to print.
  • The number of ailerons and rudder hinges has been reduced to 2.
  • Added new Craycle wheels to design files.
  • Added new Craycle Common parts to design files.
  • 3D Printable Elevator Bar (instead of Spring Wire) model added to design files.

Some minor improvements:

  • The hatches’ fins have been extended so that they can hold the bed well.
  • Rudder gear sticking area has been increased.
  • Horn slots improved.
  • The engine was moved 2 mm forward.
  • fs1 boosted.

Throughout the production of the Printed Kit, we strive to perfect each model part to improve mass production. In this process, there are also small improvements that are difficult to describe, but that make printing easier.


If you have already bought CraycleCub, just download again your model files on your pannel now!

If you haven’t bought yet, here is the link: CraycleCub

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