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Minimus Hotent Cooler System

We have recently purchased a model on Cults3D for our Creality Ender 3 V2 printers. This gadget is a game changer that makes your coolers swappable and cleans easier so I wanted to show this awesome design. You can simply release all cooling fans and headers without an open screw and reach the nozzle to make a service. That’s why I have interested in this design but this design gives much more.


  • Removes in seconds.
  • Tuned & focused cooling.
  • Excellent visibility of nozzle area.
  • Easy to clean fans.
  • Easy to assemble (Without screw)
  • Integrated BlTouch / CRTouch mounts
  • About 18 grams lighter than the stock Ender 3 V2 header.
  • Wire Management.
  • Compatible with Ender 3/Pro/V2.
  • Works w/ Microswiss & other Direct Drive kits.
  • Organized files and Instructions.
  • 12 Minimus designs…
  • Parts 4010 Dual/Single, 5015 Dual/Single
  • w/ Hotend 40×10, 40×20 and 40×20 Noctua
  • Dual nozzle cooler option. (You can add a third cooler for extra nozzle cooling)

Model files and more information: 3D file Minimus Hotend Cooler System・Cults (cults3d.com)

Note: This is not a sponsored article, ı just loved this work and wanted to support to the designer by sharing it with you.

Here is my setup

Beautiful Review Video From Ricky Impey:

YouTube video

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