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Craycle Wheels Released!

We have redeveloped all our wheel models. With shaft hole and 3D Printable shaft model, it is simple to install, long-lasting and more stable!

We have optimized the inner and outer diameters!
We recommend printing Wheel Rim and Shaft models with 90% extruder flow. This way they fit together nice and work perfectly with Craycle Landing Wire. (Our Landing Wire is 1.85mm in diameter) Check out Reels on Instagram.

We’ve added the Wheel Stopper design!
It is better than the Wheel Stoppers in the market to us because its easily accessible as it is printable. You can also print in any color you want. After mounting the Stopper, it is sufficient to fix it with a little CA glue from the outside.

You should print Stopper and Shaft models with PetG Filament!
In this way, it is not affected by heat like PLA during operation and has a very high wear resistance. PLA wears out easily when working on the shaft, so we developed the new shaft design.

Craft your Metal Shaft!
You can insert your own metal shaft into the Wheel Rim and provide perfect wheel bearing. You can also use small spindle bearings, but before that you should try printing with PetG. PetG already works well enough!

New Landing Fix!
A small piece that will allow you to fix your landing gear to the fuselage without applying glue to the Landing Wire. Tighten the Landing Fix from behind after the Landing Wire is in place. Just apply glue to the Landing Fix and Fuselage so If your model is broken and you want to remove it that landing wire, it is enough to remove your landing gear by breaking the fuselage.

You can also just compress the Landing Fix part into its place. It can come off on hard landings, but you don’t have to stick it for test flights.

We produced our Landing Wire using Spring Steel and coated and hardened to make it stronger and stainless. Check the Craycle Landing Wire.

Download free STL files now!

We hope you also use these wheels in your other projects. Please give feedbacks to us so we can continue to improve!

You can buy a paid model you like to support 😀

Thanks for reading this blog…

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