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MEG Double Sided Siliconized Tape

MEG 18mm x 5m Double Sided Strong Silicone Tape

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MEG 18mm x 5m Double Sided Silicone Tape is sold in single-bag packaging and produces economical solutions for many areas of use.

It stands out with its functional use features in indoor and outdoor spaces, thanks to its structure resistant to negative factors such as heat, light, moisture, and UV rays.
It exhibits strong and fast adhesion on wood, metal, glass, leather, plastic, and many other surfaces with its synthetic adhesive applied to both sides of the white polyethylene foam material with a texture thickness of 1 mm.

This tape, 8 mm wide and 2 meters long, is under a siliconized paper film protector. Its foamy texture tolerates slight roughness and this tape can also be used to fix lightweight objects to the wall.

Since it is moisture resistant, it is ideal for fixing bathroom and kitchen utensils. This double-sided foam tape, which you can choose to fix glass, mirrors, sheets, soap dishes, logos, and panels, is also suitable for the automotive, construction, and decoration industries.

Before adhering to any object, cleaning the surface to be applied from oil, dust or dirt with an alcohol-based cleaning agent or cologne will ensure much more effective and long-term adhesion.

For the storage and preservation of the product, environments at room temperature, away from heat, light, and moisture should be preferred.

We use these tapes in our model airplanes; We use it to fix the receiver, ESC, GPS Module, FC, and similar components within the model. A must-have product in your study room...

Package Included

  • 1 pcs, 18 mm 8 meter, MEG Double Sided Siliconized Tape

Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 200 × 150 × 10 mm


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