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Ranger Mini – 3D Printed RC Trainer Plane

Click for the pdf user guideRanger Mini 3D Printed RC trainer plane is the best coice if you are a beginner. You can download free stl files and start how to fly with a RC model Plane. Ranger Mini is a 3ch RC trainer plane so it’s fly slow and much stable. Also you can fly as FPV as make modifications.

YouTube video

We have optimazed the Ranger Mini for normal PLA but if you can use the LW-PLA it’s going to be better. This way it can fly more slow and more controlable.

General Specs
◾Length : 615 mm
◾Wingspan : 800 mm
◾Print Weight : 235 gram
◾Flying Weight : 450 gram
◾Wing Area : 12.04 dm2
◾Wing Loading : 37.5 g/dm2

Recommended Electronics:
◾2204 2300Kv Brushless Motor / Amazon |
◾20A ESC / Amazon |
◾5×3 – 5×2 Propeller / Amazon 5×35×2 |
◾3-4s 800-1500 mAh Lipo / Amazon
◾2 X 9gram Servo / Amazon
◾Minimum 3ch Transmitter and Receiver / Amazon |
◾Any FPV System if you like. / Amazon

You will need a printer which has a bed size at least 180x180x180

Ranger Mini has a big loading space, easy printing (support free and continuous) and quick assembling process. 35 hours printing time and 30-40 minute assembling time.

YouTube video


Watch the build video above or check out to the PDF user’s guide for the assembling, printing, technical details and more: https://bit.ly/ranger_guide

All you need to make this model is a CA glue, Ø8×275 mm carbon pipe and Ø1 mm push rods.

We have “Craycle Crafter Group” on Facebook. Our community can help you for any issue that you have. You can check out to the other people’s prints and posts: https://bit.ly/craftergroup

Ranger mini our first free 3D Printed model and we’ll make design new free models in the future. If you like to support us, you can get our paid models. Therefore
we will keep designing new free models in the future.

Click for the Product Page

Download included:
-STL Files.
-Cura Profile.
-User Guide (Detailed for assembling and printing).
-Settings Table

Update! – 04/08/2021
The print setting table in the PDF has been changed for the fs3 layer height. A minor design change has been made to the fs3 part (though it doesn’t). The setting table has been added as an excel file.


Please follow the instructions on the Printing Guide in to the PDF User Guide.

0,4 nozzle
0,2 Layer Height
No Support
Heated Bed
Minimum Bed Size: 180*180*180 mm

YouTube video

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