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Summary of 2022

Altogether we had an excellent year. We wanted to summarize 2022 from our point of view. Thank you for supporting us to become a big family.

Motor Test Stand

The first model of 2022, was designed this model to develop new spinner designs and streamline motor selection for Craycle Models. Then we published it thinking that it will be useful for you as well.


In this process, we built an office and made some technical investments. We have been trained to produce better content and we have tried to improve ourselves.

FPV Orca V2

We were developing the Orca V2 design during the office building process and finally, Orca V2 was released after an excellent development process. Orca was liked much more in this version. Thanks for all your support and interest.

Crow Racer

After building the office, we started the Crow Racer model, but the office was not completed for a while. In this process, we experienced the corona disease and we never had a chance to produce content about Crow Racer.


After several surveys, we decided to make a scaled model. The first FPV-compatible Pa-18 SuperCub model appeared on the market. In this process, other companies that designed the 3D Plane, unfortunately, published the same or a similar model. We had no chance to produce content for CraycleCub as well.

Troy Build

That same day, our good friend Troy McMillan released the Orca V2 Full Build Video. This publication would provide us with the financial resources to fill many of our shortcomings and we have acquired many new family members from the community.

Printed Kits

After the CraycleCub was published, we started the necessary work for the production and packaging of Printed Kits. This was going to take exactly 4 months and we started the Ranger V2 work.

Ranger V2

Unlike other models, the Ranger Mini was not a model suitable for the common profile and continuous printing technique. We created the Ranger V2 to unify the model and solve common complaints and then published it for free.

Led Arm

When the idea of Craycle first came to my mind, we shared with you the Led Arm model I designed for my desk by making some improvements. Thus, we were very happy that a tool we developed for ourselves was appreciated by the Craycle Community.

There are many more things we do in 2022. In 2022, major improvements were made to the infrastructure of craycle.com. All of this has been made possible by your feedback. Keep criticizing us 😀

What do you expect from Craycle in 2023? Please contact us and share your thoughts.


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