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What is the Beta Version?

In this paragraph, I’m going to explain what a beta version is. We perform the creation of a new project in 3 basic stages at approximately same length of time as Design, Test and Presentation. After the design stage, the first prototype is made and the test stage begins. Beta Version is the first prototype that presented to you with more affordable price without any guides or build videos.

When we completed three stages of the project, Beta Version will updated adding latest model files, g-code files, PDF User’s Guide and Build/Flight videos on craycle.com. If you bought the Beta Version you will get notification with e-mail and always have access to the updated files of the project for free.

Beta Version of Craycle Racer Plane.

What is Our Aim with Beta Version?

When we release a new model we get very good reviews from our customers. Most of these comments of user experiences are that very difficult or impossible to make design changes after the model is released. This is an important problem and we think the Beta system can solve that.

We hope that our followers, will build and flight the Beta Version of the new models and share them experiences in printing, flight and other issues. In this way, we aim to make the models as user-friendly as possible in the fastest way with the data we collect from different perspectives. We will be working on the testing and presentation stages of the project at the same time as we collect feedbacks.

Beta Version of Craycle Racer Plane.


We can develop better models in less time getting more samples.

With pre-order, you will have the models at more affordable price.

Craycle Community can contribute to the development of new projects.

Also we will continue to interact with you during test and presentation stages.

With this method, Craycle Community can grow strong and rapidly.

To Grow Up

Reaching more people

If you like our content, find it useful, you can help us to reach more people by mentioning us in Groups, Blogs, Youtube videos, Instagram Stories or Posts. In conclusion, de do all of this ourselves, but it is very important that you are a reference.


It is very important for the instagram and youtube algorithm that our posts provide higher interactions. This way we can reach more people on social media platforms. If you want to support, you can save, share and comment on our posts.


You can contribute to our development by sharing your suggestions with us. You can use the form on the contact page for this. We record the messages received from here.

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