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Craycle Cura Profile

In this article, we will show you how to import the Craycle Cura Profile up to date.
There are 3 different ways to import Cura Profile.

1 – Standard Import
Import our Cura Profile following “Cura – Manage Profiles – Import” option. To be successful with this way, the profile was created the Cura version should not be the same as the Cura version you are using. Also Machines may need to be the same, so you need to create a custom machine. This method is described in detail in all PDF manuals.
Download Cura Profile

2 – Saving the Settings of a Project File
You can open the project file we shared with Cura software and save the profile of the project differently from the screen that appears.
Download Project File

3 – Manual Profile Creation
You can copy all settings using screenshots we prepared and save as a new profile named Craycle.
Download Profile Images

Adjust Provided G-codes According to Your Machine!

In most cases the G-codes work perfectly and you don’t need to slice the STLs yourself. There are 3 important print settings depending to the machine and the filament; Print Speed, Nozzle and Bed Temperature and Flow rate.
If you have customized these settings, let’s see how to change these settings in G-codes.

Flow Rate?

Even in summer and winter seasons, we may need to change the temperature settings. Özel bir makineniz varsa veya makineniz için debi optimizasyonu yaptıysanız, Debi ayarını değiştirmeniz gerekir. Burada Cura ile aynı değişikliği yaptığınızda akış ayarlarınız senkronize olacaktır. (S100 means 100%. For example; To set a flow rate of 115%, do S100 – S115.)

Which Version Of Cura?

Currently we are using Cura 4.13.1 Please download this version of Cura and use it to slice our models.

Why not Cura V5?
Cura 5 has come with some new features that will adversely affect the printing of our models. These features are very useful for printing solid models, but make an effort to make single walls close together. This causes the tips of the wings to deteriorate and the inserts to narrow.

If there is something you don’t understand or missing information, please write to us.


    • Slicer settings are changed with the new version of the Craycle Planes. I just updated the Curaprofile for you and you can get the new profile.

      Never forget to check the Settings Table that comes with the models. You can see the settings for each part of the model here. Even if now its almost the same for all models, one part can be different for a special purpose and we had to make a different setting for it. In this case you will miss the detail of settings and print the model part incorrect.

      New Craycle Planes are almost the same in slicer profile at the moment. Have fun with your Next Gen Craycle Plane!

      Thank you for your interest 😀

  1. You write in the specifications for ORCA that almost all parts are missing the top layer. but elements such as orcav2_wing_2 then have empty ends. When you independently add 1 top layer, the ends are closed as in the manual.

    • If you have been imported Craycle Curaprofile, you should check your printer nozzle diameter in the printer settings. You should also check the filament diameter if its correct.

      Otherwise, you don’th had to have any problem wşth the settings if you have our Curaprofile and use Cura 4.13.1.

        • Yes, its a problem. Weights should be the same, +-1 gram isn’t a problem.

          Please import Craycle Cura Profile and make sure your printer settings is well.

          If you are using material flow rate for exturder calibration, this causes the weight calculating problem. You should print one part and measue it the printed part and check the list if its correct.

          • From RANGER V2 TRAINER web page user guide link refers to sport version file.
            Therefore, the weight is different

          • Most parts of the Ranger Sport and the Free version are common. For example, FS3 is common to both models. You can check the weight by pressing this part. If you print the right weight, you can continue printing all the other parts, you don’t need to check each one.

            Additional pages for information about the Ranger free version will be added in the near future.

  2. Thank you for your terrific tutorial.

    I am happy to say that your Cura profile seem to be working absolutely fine with Cura 5.3.1.

    In fact I could not get the profile to load at all into version 4.13.1 as suggested above, file error occurred on every attempt after download and install, so tried loading into the current version that I already had installed.

    I now have a complete wing section printed using standard PLA.

    Good job

    • I am glad you like!

      Cura 5 and above versions have problems that are hard to see. It creates errors in details. It throws unnecessary top/bottom layers in some areas.

      Cura 4.13.1 works perfectly and I highly recommend using it. You can install both versions on your computer at the same time.

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