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Foldable Ipad Stand STL File


3D Printed Foldable Ipad Stand ST File

SKU: CR23_8925812
(1 customer review)

Foldable Ipad Stand is a tool I've been using for a year while drawing with my Ipad. We continue to share with you the designs we made for ourselves.

With the foldable feature of the Ipad stand, you can take it anywhere with your Ipad. It does not damage your Ipad in the bag and takes up very little space.

The stand offers 30 and 60 degree usage options. Drawing in the 30 degree position is quite comfortable. While drawing, the Ipad does not fall back and is nicely supported. If it is at 60 degrees, you can watch the Craycle Youtube channel or use it to work actively using the keyboard and mouse.

Supports all Ipad models up to 6.6mm thick (Ipad Air series, Ipad Pro series, Ipad 5.gen). You can request a model for a different tablet sizes. In case of high demand, we will offer options.


You need to use M4x25 Imbus Bolt to connect the two movable legs. Bolt length can be in the range of 20-50 mm. M4x25 Imbus Bolt on Amazon

Slicer Settings

  • Nozzle: 0,4 mm
    Layer Height: 0,2 mm
    Wall Line Count: 2
    Infill Distance: 2mm (Recommended Groid form)
    Support: Everywhere
    Heated Bed
    150x150 Printer Size
    Any Material (Recommended Regular PLA)
    Ultimaker Cura Slicer recommended! Click for download craycle.curaprofile

Download Included

  • STL Files.
  • Ready to print G-code files (G-codes needs min 180x180mm print area).
  • Tech support.

1 review for Foldable Ipad Stand STL File

  1. Mark Geneuglijk (verified owner)

    Be sure to follow the print instructions. I forgot to set the supports the first time and wasted 6 hours of printing. if you follow the instructions a great product will be printed.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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