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Insta360 Go 2 Holder STL


Completely 3D printable (Support free) Insta360 Go2 Action Camera Holder STL files and Ready to Print G-code.

SKU: CR23_6791160

Due to the high demand of FPV Orca users, we made a holder for the Insta 360 Go2 Action camera. While the holder protects your camera, it will not cause inefficiency on the model at high speeds with its aerodynamic body design. In addition, we have developed this design that will allow the wind to pass through the camera in order to eliminate the heating problem of the camera. There is 3 different body and 2 different Gopro Style Mounting Bracket designs so that you can use them on your Racer Drones, RC Model Planes, Cars, Motorcycle Helmets and etc you will have.

It is also designed to be compatible with all GoPro mounting brackets with the Flex body (See product images). Now you can also connect this little camera wherever you use Gopro!

Files Included in the Download:

  • Insta360 Go2 Holder Flex
  • Insta360 Go2 Holder Horizon
  • Insta360 Go2 Holder Hatchet
  • Insta360 Go2 Protector Clips
  • Bolt-on Bracket for Flex Holder
  • Quick Release Bracket for Flex Holder
  • Rocket Engine
  • Ready to Print G-code

Flex Holder: This body design is compatible with all GoPro Mount brackets and our design bolt-on and quick release brackets.

Horizon Holder: This body design provides a fixed connection in a parallel to ground position that you can use when weight is a concern.

Hatchet Holder: This body design is an option that you can fix by inserting it into the foam wings or the body of the foam models. If you are doing Long Range FPV flights, it will be the most suitable option for foam models because it is both aerodynamic and lightweight.

Rocket Engine: There is a lot of space Rocket in the... It's just for fun 😀

Compatible With: Insta360 Go2 Action Camera

Ultimaker Cura Slicer recommended! Click for download craycle.curaprofile


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