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Ranger V2 Spare Parts

FPV Orca V2 3D Printed 800 mm RC FPV Flying Wing Spare Parts.

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This is a spare part page which is you can buy that you need!

When any part of your model is broken, you can learn the part name from the PDF of the model and send it to us. Order as many as the number of parts you want to buy, and it will be sent in bulk at once.

Note: Even if your part is not in stock, it will be produced specially for you. We guarantee that you will not have spare parts problems.

Ranger V2 is our newest 3D printed RC trainer plane. With this model, we aim to reach people who have just started making 3D Printed Model Airplanes and who already have a 3D printer. You don't need to have model airplane building experience. By following the simple instructions in the PDF, you can build the model and experience your first flight right away.

Don't be afraid to crash! It's always easier and enjoy to rebuild a model you made. We'll help you here, send us videos and photos about the problem or crash. Share them on our Facebook Group. We'll assess the situation and help you identify the problem.

Ranger V2 flies super stable and slower. With 4ch sport wing it can make basic acrobacy so you can learn sportive flight with this model.

Enjoy with your Craycle Model and please leave a comment below about your experince so far.

Detailed information about the model in the Blog Page.

General Specs:

  • Length : 575 mm
  • Wingspan : 800 mm
  • Print Weight : 311 grams
  • Flying Weight : 500-650 grams
  • Wing Area : 11.1 dm2
  • Wing Loading : 49.4 g/dm2
  • Airfoil : NACA 2412

Download Included:

  • STL Files.
  • Cura Profile.
  • Ready to print G-code files (G-codes needs min 180x180mm print area).
  • User Guide (Detailed for assembling and printing).
  • Tech support.

Note: DJI Air Unit and Caddx Vista Canopies are not included in files.
Click for download DJI Air Unit Hatch
Click for download Caddx Vista Hatch

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 120 × 120 × 75 mm


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