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Ranger V2 Released!

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Ranger V2 Sport version is now our best FPV Trainer. With this model, we aim to reach people who have just started making model airplanes with a 3D printer or who already have a 3D printer.

The Ranger V2 can now be printed completely without support. It can be installed much easier. It needs a smaller (Ø4x250mm) concealed Carbon Rod.

Ranger V2 has been made suitable for sportive flights with FPV body and 4 Channel wing options. The Ranger V2 3ch version is still available for free download! It is exactly the same as the Sport version, the only difference being that it has 3ch aileron-free wings and a fuselage that is not FPV system compatible.

Key Inventions in Ranger V2

  • 4ch Sport Wing Option
  • DJI Air Unit, Caddx Vista and Analog FPV Compatible
  • Common Slicer Settings Profile with all Craycle Models
  • Common Craycle Parts (Lipo Mount, Bar, Wheels, Pim, Spinner and etc.)
  • Hidden Carbon Rod and Pushrod Tunnels
  • Simple Rear Stearing System
  • Calculated Main Landing Gear Position
  • Stronger Inserts and Connections Between Model Parts
  • Printed Spring and Bar Designs to Eliminate Steel Parts
  • 4ch Sport Wing Option
  • Larger interior volume
  • Much Stronger Wing and Fuselage
  • Support-free Printing
  • Continuous Printing

Recommended Electronics:

Optional Tools and Accessories:

FPV Fuselage comes with perfect cooling design compatible with DJI Air Unit, Caddx Vista and Analog FPV systems. You can ask another Canopy designs from us for the different FPV systems using Request Form. Analog FPV Canopy comes with Sport Version. Other Canopies are optional.

Click for download DJI Air Unit Canopy
Click for download Caddx Vista Canopy

4ch Sport Version
3ch Free Version

Slicer Settings

Please follow the instructions in the PDF User Guide.
0,4 nozzle
0,2 Layer Height
No Support
Heated Bed
Minimum 180x180x180 mm Bed Size

Ultimaker Cura Slicer recommended! Click for download craycle.curaprofile

Ranger V2 Sport PNF and ARF Printed Kit.

If you have no 3D Printer or you don’t have an experinece about that. You can build your first model with our Printed Kits in an affordable price. We are shipping teh Printed Kits to the worldwide.

Learn more about the Printed Kits.


    • We are not using any analog FPV system but any Analog FPV system will fit the ranger. Analog Canopy has 30mm camera holder, Digital Canopies has 20mm camera holders. VTX is easy to mount with a ziptie on this model so you need to select a Canopy according to your camera size.

    • Sorry for that! There is an explanation on the Free Version Page of the PDF User Guide. Free and Paid versions are exactly the same, only the difference is FPV compatibility and the 4ch wing option.

    • Of course, it does. You shouldn’t print 2 walls. You need to be sure your printer is fine first. Check printed part weights according to the table in the pdf. Then you can try to solve it.

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