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SF Propeller Spinner V3

Propeller Spinner V3 is the best 3D Printed Propeller Spinner design ever made. For a long time, I was working on a propeller adapter that had balanced, stronger, lighter, easy to print and simple to assemble. In V2 we finally managed to make a boltless prop adapter, but we still had problems with the printing and assembling. We have solved all the problems with V3. Our propeller adapters are now stronger, lighter, easy to print and common for all our models.

How to Install?

We share this design free of charge so that you can use it in your own models. We would be very happy if you share your views and improvement suggestions about the model with us.

CW (Clockwise) and CCW (Counterclockwise) Options!

You can understand that the Spinner is CCW by looking at the notches on the model. When you have multiple spinners these tracks will help you understand the spinner’s direction.

We Provide Different Sizes!

There is 3 size option right now but as our model number increases, more different sizes will be added into the library. If you need a custom size now, please request it from us!

What Is The New Features?

  • High Print Quality
  • Stronger Cap
  • Stronger Adaptor
  • Better Cap Mounting Threads
  • Marking notches for CCW direction
  • This models is common for all Craycle Planes right now!

Click for download SF Spinner V3 5×25

Click for download SF Spinner V3 5×35

Click for download SF Spinner V3 5×40


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