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Discover Released!

Here is our exclusive Discovery Aircraft, Craycle Discover!

Craycle Discover was developed as a multi-purpose FPV Platform that you can use for cinematic shooting, special projects, long-range FPV, autonomous flight, etc. It features easy-to-remove swappable camera holders compatible with almost all GoPro models. In this way, you can fly with more than one type of camera in outdoor shootings and take the shots of your dreams.

Discover exhibits a balanced and stable flight with its upper wing design. Thanks to the Adjustable Wingspan, you can fly more efficiently with more payload. Check out the Blog Post for the Adjustable Wingspan!

Discover lets you focus on your job! No worries about your expensive cameras, Discover keeps it safe and cool in the air. You can fly and shoot for hours by loading up to 15,000mah or more Lipo thanks to the huge loading space.

Key Features

  • Modular Electronic Platform
  • Free Electronic Bracket Options
  • Quick-Release Swaphable Action Camera Holder
  • Quick-Release Detachable Wings
  • Swaphable FPV Hatches
  • Winglights and Backlights for Night Flights
  • Optimized Cooling Inlet/Outlet Vent Area
  • Huge Service Hatches
  • Huge Interior Volume
  • High Safety for Action and FPV Cameras
  • High Battery Carrying Capacity
  • Adjustable Winspan! (Details in the Blog Article)
  • 180x180x180 mm Minimum Printer Size

Modular Electronic Platform

Discover lets you build your own setup using different bracket options available for free. Discover’s modular electronic rail and various brackets offer you a perfect working area for your project. We are very curious about what you will use Discover for, please share your work with us.

You can ask us to design more brackets for the electronics you want to install to Discover. Contact

The most functional model we made!

It’s possible to use Discover’s huge interior volume in special-purpose projects. You can map with Discover, equip it with special electronics for autonomous flights, and use it to test the software and technologies you are developing.

Discover makes night flights perfect with its rear and wing lights. You can operate the lighting in any color and animation with easily accessible electronics.

Sponsored By SpeedyBee

Available FPV Hatches

Available Camera Holders

Note: Please ask us for more FPV hatches and Action Camera Holders. Contact

– Beta Process –

Wayne Bontrager

Wayne is our Team Member on the Beta team who contributed the most to the development of the model. For this reason, we have engraved his name on the inside of the fuselage and immortalized it with Discover. As Discover was our first Long Range FPV model experience, Wayne provided us with excellent support with all his experience and interest. We thank him for all his contributions!

Also, heartfelt thanks to the all other 24 Beta Team members!

YouTube video

Beta Team Test Prints

Beta V2.1 (6 May 2023) Release Notes

  • Single Landing Gear design added
  • Added Flex FC Mount design
  • Added rear wheel design
  • Added cable holder for electronic rail
  • Added plastic wing spar instead of CF Wing Rod
  • Added backplates behind the engine
  • The nose is compatible with GoPro Hero 9 and above cameras
  • The nose belt seating surface has been strengthened
  • Added grips for Nose camera holder
  • Finger protrusion added to the center of gravity
  • Added sticking serrations to the wings
  • Rudder strengthened
  • Elevator strengthened
  • Aileron servo zoomed to the outer surface
  • Winglets improved
  • Wing internal structure improved
  • Winglock design improved
  • CF Rod slots diameters improved
  • Cable path opened for Aileron servos
  • Lipo mounts brought forward
  • Reinforced Hatch Lock strikes
  • Aileron pressure improved

Beta V2.2 (15 May 2023) Release Notes

  • Nose1 and Nose2 printing problems fixed
  • The Nose made GoPro Hero 9-10-11 is compatible
  • Single Landing Gear option added
  • 6×45 mm Spinner V4 Design added
  • The Lipo mount moved an extra 28 mm forward
  • The camera Holder’s side handles are made bigger to pull with fingers comfortably
  • Wingspar and FC Tube holes are improved
  • Hatches are adjusted to fit the perfect
  • A Flat Camera Holder option is added
  • Wing mount female and male parts adjusted to fit perfectly (still working on)


  1. I just finished printing this model, it looks awesome and I really hope it flies as good as it looks.

    Just a heads-up: after printing the elevators from the gcode provided I realized that both elevators were left-side, I reported this already, hopefully the gcodes will be updated soon. That didn’t stop me though, I grabbed the right elevator STL file, sliced it and printed it.

    I really appreciate all the effort and attention to detail put in every Craycle’s models.

  2. Buenas noches. Quiero felicitar a Cemal y a todo el equipo que ha diseñado la Discover, que aparte de ser un modelo muy bonito vuela fantásticamente bien, es el segundo modelo Craycle que construí, la anterior fue la vela ORCA V2 de 800mm, que también vuela muy bien. He impreso los 2 modelos en una impresora Artillery Genius en PLA PoliAir 1.0, que es un poco más resistente que el PLA normal, planeo imprimir otro Discover en PLA LW que será más liviano

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