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First Beta Implementation

We have implemented a procedure that we have been considering for a long time. We are trying this with our new model Craycle Crow Mini Racer. We hope everyone participates and enjoys the bilateral benefits of our new system.

With the beta system, it will be possible to develop more user-friendly, more efficient, easier-to-build models with more features!

You will be able to reach new models at more affordable prices in a very short time. You can also contribute to the development of the model with your comments.


When we release a new model we get very good reviews from our customers. Most of these comments of user experiences are that very difficult or impossible to make design changes after the model is released. This is an important problem and we think the Beta system can solve that.

We hope that our followers, will build and flight the Beta Version of the new models and share them experiences in printing, flight and other issues. In this way, we aim to make the models as user-friendly as possible in the fastest way with the data we collect from different perspectives. We will be working on the testing and presentation stages of the project at the same time as we collect feedbacks.

Click for more information about the Beta Version.

Click for the Crow Mini Racer FPV Plane

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