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Crow Racer 750 V2 mm FPV Racer Plane STL File

Crow Racer 3D Printed RC FPV Plane STL Files G-codes and more.

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We've taken Craycle models to the next level with this huge update! Here is the Next Generation Craycle Model, Crow Racer V2!

Key Features (13.05.2024)

The FPV Hatch system is over! Meet the new Craycle VTX Mount and positionable FPV Cam Mount, which now makes it possible to mount any FPV system in the market!
The Servo Hatch has become independent and you can now also print the Servohatch separately and screw it to the wing using a single 2 mm screw.
Model pieces now fit together! We use as few Pins as possible and all model parts, including the wing, are inserted inside of the other part.
We are back to Craycle-style wing internal structure design on all models! By optimizing the inside wing columns, we eliminated printing errors on the wing surfaces while making the wings lighter. Since the wings are interlocked in the form of an insert, they are now more durable, lighter, and have a perfect surface!

Craycle models are lighter than ever! Although the printing weights did not change, we moved components such as the Servo and CF Rod to the front and lightened the rear parts of the models. Thus, it is possible to adjust the CG using smaller batteries. Thus, the average flight weight of all models was reduced by an average of 100 grams.

We removed unnecessary carbon rods and shortened the CF rods on Orca, Crow, and Ranger.

We have improved the hinge slots, now the hinge works smoother and is easier to install.

We added R and L labels to wings and similar parts. Thus, it will be difficult for you to mix right and left in Vertical Stablizator, Vtails, and Wings.

Flight tests of all models have been carried out many times, we will share these images with you soon. With your support, we would like to provide you with FPV images for all models. We worked hard on this huge update. I would like to thank all our teammates and partners for their support during the development process.

Craycle Planes are now better than ever!


Crow Racer is a 3D-printed RC FPV model airplane developed for Air Racing. The Crow Racer is a model that allows the camera to transmit images from the eyes of the pilot for a real racing experience and the camera is also very securely guarded in the fuselage. Crow Racer supports 6S Lipo Battery thanks to its large loading area, so you can push the limits with high-performance brushless motors. FC zone is prepared for Matek and other flight control systems in the fuselage so you can use it on your autonomous and FPV flights. You can also place your GPS and Receiver modules inside the left and right sides of the fuselage.

This aircraft is designed to be compatible with the FPV system like "DJI FPV Air Unit", "Caddx Vista" and "Analog FPV", and new FPV Hatches will be available according to your demands. Crow has a hidden Aileron Horn design which makes the model more aerodynamic and makes the setup and service easier. Crow uses 4mm carbon rods for the aileron system.

An optional quick-release landing gear system is also available. You can order the CNC-machined landing gear here. It is the same as the landing gear of the Ranger V2. We do not recommend using landing gear for FPV and Racing, but if you are a beginner, you can use it for landing and safety. Crow has a two-color print design, you can paint your model by changing your filament for each piece and make your combination for your own Crow Racer. This also allows the model to be visible in the air.

Crow Racer has huge service hatches which you can easily set up your electronics and reach inside of the fuselage anytime you need. Hatch1 is also a mount for the FPV system and the camera that protects and keeps cool in the air.

If you are looking for a solid and compact FPV RC Racer Plane, Crow Racer is ready to push the limits for you. Crow needs 223 grams of Regular PLA and you can print this model in 16 hours with any printer that has a 150x150x150 mm bed size. Craycle Cura Profile here.

General Specs

  • Length: 520 mm
  • Wingspan: 750 mm
  • Print Weight: 223 grams
  • Printing Time: 16 hours at 100 mm/s
  • Flying Weight: 520 grams
  • Wing Area: 7.7 dm2
  • Wing Loading: 67.5 g/dm2
  • Airfoil : MH-24 9.01%
  • Minimum 3D Printer Size: 150x150x150 mm
  • Material: Regular PLA (LW-PLA Compatible)

Download Included

  • STL Files.
  • Cura Profile.
  • Ready to print G-code files (G-codes need min 180x180mm print area).
  • PDF User Guide (Detailed for assembling and printing).
  • Tech support.

Required Electronics

  • 4ch+ Radio / FPV System
  • 2207 2400kv Brushless Motor
  • 6040 Propeller
  • 30A ESC
  • 2200 mAh 4S-6S Lipo
  • 3 pcs, 9g servos
  • Carbon Rods
    • Ø5x360 mm
    • (2x) Ø4x200 mm
  • CA Glue

Buy Crow Power Pack for electronics.

Ultimaker Cura Slicer is recommended! Click for download craycle.curaprofile

Blog Article for Build/Flight videos, Required Electronics, and more information.

1 review for Crow Racer 750 V2 mm FPV Racer Plane STL File

  1. Ömür Sarı

    I bought it, downloaded it and produced it. Now the live version is in my hands. I recommend it. It’s amazing. I will go try it as soon as possible.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you for your interest, please share your flight videos and construction photos in our Facebook Group.

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