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Home STL Files RC Aircrafts FPV ORCA – 780 mm RC Flying Wing – STL

FPV ORCA - 780 mm RC Flying Wing - STL

FPV Orca STL Files, PDF User Guide, Curaprofile and Ready to Print G-codes.

$ 19,99

PDF User Guide for the electronic part list, model part list, printing guide, assembling guide, slicer settings and more:

FPV Orca is optimized for normal PLA and PetG. It can fly long time with up to 2200 mAh battery. You can put your flight controller, GPS and telemetry module. Orca has a big loading space, easy to accessible electronics, easy to printing (support free) and quick assembling process.

General Specs:

Length : 340 mm
Wingspan : 780 mm
Print Weight : 200-220 gram
Flying Weight : 450-500 gram
Wing Area : 12.3 dm2
Wing Loading : 40g/dm2

Recommended Electronics:

2205 2300Kv Brushless Motor
5x3 - 6x2 Propeller
3-4s 1000-2200 mAh Lipo
2 X 9gram Servo
Minimum 3ch Transmitter and Receiver
Any FPV System

Orca has a easy printing (support free) and quick assembling processes. Approximately 35-40 hours printing time and 30-40 minute assembling time.

All you need to make this model is a CA glue, 5 mm carbon rod and 2 pieces push rods.

Note: FPV Orca can flies so fast and acrobatic! You can use it as a Racer, FPV and Freestyle. If you print with LW-PLA it's going to be slow flyer so FPV Orca isn't for high level pilots. Every level pilots can fly and enjot with ORCA!

Download Included:

-STL Files.
-Cura Profile.
-Ready to print G-code files.
-User Guide (Detailed for assembling and printing).
-Tech support.


Please follow the instructions in the User Guide.

0,4 nozzle
0,2 Layer Height
No Support
Heated Bed
Minimum 190*190*190 mm Bed Size


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