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FPV Orca V3 800 mm FPV Freestyle Wing STL File

FPV Orca 3D Printed RC FPV Flying Wing STL Files, Ready to Print G-codes and more.

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We've taken Craycle models to the next level with this huge update! Here is the Next Generation Craycle Model, FPV Orca V3!

Key Features of FPV Orca V3 (05.05.2024)

The FPV Hatch system is over! Meet the new Craycle VTX Mount and positionable FPV Cam Mount, which now makes it possible to mount any FPV system in the market!
The Servo Hatch has become independent and you can now also print the Servohatch separately and screw it to the wing using a single 2 mm screw.
Model pieces now fit together! We use as few Pins as possible and all model parts, including the wing, are inserted inside of the other part.
We are back to Craycle-style wing internal structure design on all models! By optimizing the inside wing columns, we eliminated printing errors on the wing surfaces while making the wings lighter. Since the wings are interlocked in the form of an insert, they are now more durable, lighter, and have a perfect surface!

Craycle models are lighter than ever! Although the printing weights did not change, we moved components such as the Servo and CF Rod to the front and lightened the rear parts of the models. Thus, it is possible to adjust the CG using smaller batteries. Thus, the average flight weight of all models was reduced by an average of 100 grams.

We removed unnecessary carbon rods and shortened the CF rods on Orca, Crow, and Ranger.

We have improved the hinge slots, now the hinge works smoother and is easier to install.

We added R and L labels to wings and similar parts. Thus, it will be difficult for you to mix right and left in Vertical Stablizator, Vtails, and Wings.

Flight tests of all models have been carried out many times, we will share these images with you soon. With your support, we would like to provide you with FPV images for all models. We worked hard on this huge update. I would like to thank all our teammates and partners for their support during the development process.

Craycle Planes are now better than ever!


The FPV Orca is our first model and was developed for FPV Free Flight. Its fuselage is derived from the wing profile and therefore offers excellent aerodynamics. Orca's stall speed is 55km/h and has a maximum speed of over 250km/h. In contrast, the print weight is only 217 grams with Regular PLA.

FPV Orca provides excellent cooling for the FPV system and Motor and you will not have any overheating problems. It is stable and as fast as a racing model and you can build the model with a single 5x500 mm Carbon Fiber Rod.

FPV Orca has a second service hatch for FC and other accessories. There is a lot of space inside of the fuselage for this. Orca was developed for Regular PLA, but the latest version is also fully compatible with LW-PLA, TPU, and PetG with its continuous printing technique. You can use PetG for high temperatures or LW-PLA when you want it to fly slower. LW-PLA also allows you to charge more batteries.

Great progress has been made in moving from Orca V1 to Orca V2, and the updated model is available free of charge to V1 owners. Now have great progress again with Orca V3. We offer lifetime free updates for all our models.

The FPV Orca wasn't developed for large Action Cameras like the GoPro, but you can take HD aerial footage thanks to its Digital FPV Systems. In addition, new FPV Hatches will be added for new FPV systems in the future. Please request from us...

For who?

If you are looking for an FPV compact Freestyle Wing, FPV Orca is a perfect choice for you! Orca needs 246 grams of Regular PLA and you can print this model with any printer that has a 150x150x150 mm printing area in 17 hours at 100 mm/s.

General Specs

  • Length : 365 mm
  • Wingspan : 800 mm
  • Print Weight : 246 gram
  • Flying Weight : 490 gram
  • Wing Area : 39.2 dm2
  • Wing Loading : 53.3 g/dm2
  • Airfoil : MH 45 9.85%
  • Minimum 3D Printer Size: 150x150x150 mm
  • Material: Regular PLA (LW-PLA Compatible)

Download Included

  • STL Files.
  • Cura Profile.
  • Ready to print G-code files (G-codes need min 180x180mm print area).
  • User Guide (Detailed for assembling and printing).
  • Tech support.

Required Electronics

  • 4ch+ Radio / FPV System
  • 2205 2300kv Brushless Motor
  • 6040 Propeller
  • 30A ESC
  • 1500 mAh 4S Lipo
  • 2 pcs, 9g servos
  • Carbon Rods
    • Ø5x360 mm
  • CA Glue

Buy Orca Power Pack for electronics.

Ultimaker Cura Slicer is recommended! Click for download craycle.curaprofile

Blog Article for Build/Flight videos, Required Electronics, and more information.

16 reviews for FPV Orca V3 800 mm FPV Freestyle Wing STL File

  1. Jason Hong (verified owner)

    I love ORCA!! 🙂
    It was really well designed and it is very stable.

  2. Juan Ignacio Iglesias (verified owner)

    Easy printing, currently at finish that stage, and getting the right motor for it, but looks awesome! Everything is designed to fit perfectly with each other! Cant wait to give it a throw!

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      I am glad you share your thought about the new version FPV Orca V3! Have fun with your new plane.

  3. saturnprime (verified owner)

    So far in the print stage for the Orca V2, but everything is looking fantastic! The best thing about buying an STL from Craycle? The fact that Cemal responds to an email right away, even on a Sunday! Bloody brilliant. Next model for me is the Discover!

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you for your interest. We try to respond to emails, messages, and comments every moment we are awake. It’s a pleasure for us!

  4. Göksel KUYUBAŞI (verified owner)

    Title: Perfect Details and Great design!

    Comment: When I received my model plane, I encountered a much more impressive and detailed product than I expected. The quality of the 3D print file is truly outstanding, each piece fits perfectly with each other and is absolutely of high quality. The assembly process was very easy, the instructions were clear and descriptive. The fine workmanship and delicate details on the plane’s surface details make me feel like I have a miniature version of a real plane. Also, the design quality is quite sturdy and durable. I had no problems during both the assembly and painting stages. All in all, I am completely satisfied with this model aircraft and I would definitely recommend this site as the first choice for modelers and aircraft enthusiasts! Thanks for a great experience!

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      I am glad you are satisfied with our models! Thanks for all these nice words.

  5. Mario Monaco (verified owner)

    WOW Just a great group of people, great support for a super great product. I bought the ORCA V2 after reading and watching a lot of reviews and videos and said “Why not” I was super impressed with the quality of the STL files (ALL PERFECT FIT). I was new to profiles and I asked at least 20 questions, the support staff was patient and helpful. After that I printed my plane in one week and all perfect. I was amazed how precise the print came out. I also order the motor, esc and servos and they arrived just shy of 3 weeks all perfect as well. I have joined an FPV group here in Colorado and have been telling everyone about this incredible company and their products. I know I made a few believers and they will also start getting theirs soon. Thank you Craycle and thank you Cemal for the support and again a great product.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      This review made us happy the entire day. We are honored to see that you are satisfied. We continue to work to improve our models and services. I wish you and your family a healthy and happy 2024.

  6. maciej.motylinsky (verified owner)

    Very good quality of stl files. Nice model to fly and print.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      I am glad you like it!

  7. Noé Bautista (verified owner)

    Great Plane, easy to print and assembly, but in next version maybe a fast replacement nose, in two flights broke it and need to replace but is not easy, please check OpenLOCK connectors

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thanks for your comment. The nose of Craycle Discover has an easily replaceable design. When we made this design, we realized that the space required for battery placement increases and it becomes easier to intervene there. So we can maybe concider this on the next model or Orca V3 in the future.

  8. Mazin Sadik (verified owner)

    This is nice product and Its like dream comes true to print my own plane parts. I am going to print and assemble the parts I hope this community is going to grow to help other hobbyists. Thank you for the detailed assembly manual. I will continue to visit your website for future updates. keep good work.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you for your nice comment! We are continuing to work to serve better and we are glad to get this kind of comments.

  9. Faris Gadoura (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely beautiful model that is so easy to print. I have set it up with a Matek flight controller and a vista. As the Vista lid is made for the original DJI camera, I could see a ring in my goggles due to the shorter Runcam wasp camera I am using. The way I fixed this was I printed the aileron horns and glued them to the lid where the camera mounting holes are, this lets me mount the camera further forward. I had to cut out a hole on the top for the GPS and designed a cover to hide the cut, but was easy to do. one thing I would recommend is that if you are using 2207 motor, get some spacers in between the motor mount (trust me, print in PETG/ABS) and the motor as I had the prop striking the fuselage on my first one. Also the CG is hard to get it to where it wants to be, what I did to get it there was I placed some coins with adhesive tape at the front of the fuselage and worked great. Take off weight with everything was 650grams and it flies like a dream, I can cruise at 20% throttle but can also hit speeds of 180 KM/hr which is crazy. another tip, I would consider printing the full length ailerons. The standard ailerons do the job, but a little more authority would make it more agile. If you are using a flight controller, land in Horizon mode and it is so easy. I learned that the hard way with a wing strike on landing in Manual mode, breaking of a wing. The only things you need (apart from electronics) is a half metre carbon spar, 2 M3 screws, and 2 M2 screws, it really is a genius design. Every single person that has seen it fly in my local field (experienced pilots) are blown away by the speed and design. These issues I’ve stated are not really issues, just things to bear in mind. Overall, I am so happy with it, really great job! I would love to see a larger version of this.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thanks for your detailed comment and suggestions for improvement. There was a huge difference between V1 and V2, made possible by our customers like you who shared their experiences.

      We produce parts that are exposed to heat and force in Printed Kits with PetG. We will add this information in the PDF User Guide. We are planning to make a general arrangement on the FPV covers of all our models. Maybe in this update we can make the camera position adjustable. We will also drop ready slots for FC and GPS modules.

      I look forward to your comments about our other models. Kind regards…

  10. MARCOS MORI (verified owner)

    Nice and beautiful design, easy to print, easy to assembly. Few extra material like carbon fiber spars (only 1 needed and standard lengh – 50 cm), good room for electronics. When get launched, it flies good.

    Very hard to launch and land (I have broken around 4 frames because unsucessful launches mainly). Stall speed too high (30 – 40 km). Tail heavy, need to add around 80g of ballast on the noose to get rigth CG. Motor mount structure fragile (motor firewall and the part of fuselage that accomodates the motor).

    Suggestions for improvement:
    Increase the noose length to compensate tail heaviness. Increase the wing area to allow lower stall speeds. Improve the resistance of the motor holding for both firewall and fuselage. Think about a new version using 2 pulling motors that make launches much easier.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you for your detailed comment.

      Check the table in the PDF, if your prints are lighter then you have less flow. In this case, the bottom part of the FS4 part may not be joining. Increase your flow and apply some CA to the slit at the bottom of the FS4 part. This process will strengthen the structure in that area.

      For printed kits, we print the motor bracket with PetG. If your engine is overheating, it can easily warp PLA. You can solve this problem simply by printing the motor bracket from PetG.

      Orca wants to fly fast, so it can’t take off as quickly as a training model. But once you learn how to do it, take-off is no longer a problem. It wouldn’t be much fun if a model this size flew slowly. Especially for FPV flights, you want to switch to a 4S battery and 2207 motor to make it fly faster soon 😀

      A puller twin motor is a good idea if you want to fly slower. Maybe we can make an add-on kit to Orca V2 for it.

  11. Werner Beroux (verified owner)

    One of the easiest to print. Still there are a few suggestions:

    – List the required hardware on the home page and in bullets (it took me a long time to find the suggested carbon rod diameter and length)
    – Let people know that a carbon fiber tube is probably also good instead of a rod (for weight reduction) is also good if you think so.
    – Give the required spec for the motor, which should be 2207 2205–2750 Kv, max power ~800 W, 14.5×14.5 up to 16x16mm hole pattern, 5 mm shaft.
    – Have a version with fuselage 1 and 2, and like 3 and 4, as a single part. Same for the wings 1 and 2. Many of us have a larger build plate and a single part is almost always better than 2.
    – Have the aileron as a separate STL, which is really useful to print them in another colour.
    – Give a suggested shoreness index for the TPU.
    – I printed pretty much all parts with 2 tops which avoid a few holes, marginally increases the weight, and creates stronger bonds for wings.
    – I printed the aligner as I didn’t have wood: 6 times a 3.3×12 mm cylinder (1 wall line, 10% tri infill). Consider include STLs.
    – Link the list of add-ons (which are even free) on the main page as links.
    – I’d prefer a plastic handle instead of the metal screw for the lock. Also I’d suggest the spring to be in PETG (detail).

    This list may sound long but most of these are minor changes that aren’t critical. Overall it’s a great model.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)


      Thank you for your nice and detailed comment!

      – Required parts and many details are added to all models’ blog pages so we can add Amazon/Aliexpress links for the products and give a lot of information on this topic. Currently, the Blog content is not too much as we thought but it’s better to keep the product page minimalistic. I can add a note that information above the blog page link maybe. I will definitely do something about that! thanks…

      – I have flight with 2204 2300KV, 2205 2300KV and 2207 2300KV motors and all is good. 2205 is an average value, in fact, you can fly this model with many motors on the market.

      – Printing separated fuselage parts add a lot of strength to the fuselage because of them’s bottom surfaces. So you shouldn’t print as a single part. I have worked hard to define parting points to get this strong fuselage design.

      – We can’t share separated flap parts because of some secret reasons 😀

      – Around 95 shore TPU is good for hinges, I will add this information. Thanks…

      – Yes, I want people think about the model and find them own way to print stronger, lighter or easier. Nice to hear that!

      – I have prepared a nice cylinder pim but I want to make a common Craycle Pim for all models. I will update the fuselage parts for it. Ranger V2’s pim design will be common.

      – Okay, I will add all add-on links for all models which has add-on.

      – I tried a plastic handle design first but it wasn’t sturdy enough. I don’t want to enlarge the lock to make its handle stronger, the lock can be used on many models.

      Thank you for your time. I learned a few things and will apply the fixes. I am grateful.

  12. Gavin Parker (verified owner)

    Good model, but the front hatch is a bad design the little tabs break very very easily, really lets this model down

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thanks! We are about the release new Hatches to solve this problem.

      • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

        Hatches are updated! Check out to the Release Notes

  13. zyb999

    Great model, but half aileron is too hard to takeoff!

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Longer Aileron wing option released for free!

  14. Marco den Hartog (verified owner)

    Busy with printing the model on my Ender 5 Pro with Colorfabb LW-PLA. Quality is really good ! Hope it will fly as easy as it prints with my OpenHD FPV setup.

  15. John Bedingfeld (verified owner)

    Great model so far all printed nicely with gcodes straight into my Ender 3 Pro. Fantastic response to a couple questions.

  16. Frank Nijboer (verified owner)

    First prints are off the printer and looking good, quite easy to print and great after sales, looking forward to fly it:)

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