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Discover 1200 mm Cinematic FPV Plane STL File

1200 mm Multi-Purpose Long-Range, Cinematic FPV Platform, and Discovery Plane!

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(8 customer reviews)
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Here is our exclusive Discovery Aircraft, Craycle Discover!

Craycle Discover was developed as a multi-purpose FPV Platform that you can use for cinematic shooting, special projects, long-range FPV, autonomous flight, etc. It features easy-to-remove swappable camera holders compatible with almost all GoPro models. In this way, you can fly with more than one type of camera in outdoor shootings and take the shots of your dreams.

Discover exhibits a balanced and stable flight with its upper wing design. Thanks to the Adjustable Wingspan, you can fly more efficiently with more payload. Check out the Blog Post for the Adjustable Wingspan!

Discover lets you focus on your job! No worries about your expensive cameras, Discover keeps it safe and cool in the air. You can fly and shoot for hours by loading up to 15,000mah or more Lipo thanks to the huge loading space.

General Specs

  • Length: 575 mm
  • Wingspan: 1200 mm
  • Print Weight: 717 grams
  • Flying Weight: 900-2000 grams
  • Wing Area: 18.7 dm2
  • Wing Loading: 64.1 g/dm2
  • Airfoil: E205 (10.48%)
  • Minimum Printer Size: 180x180x180 mm
  • Material: Regular PLA (LW-PLA Compatible)

Download Included

  • STL Files
  • Cura Profile
  • Ready to print G-code files (G-codes need min 180x180mm print area)
  • User Guide (Detailed for assembling and printing)
  • Tech support

Note: FPV Hatches and Action Camera Holders are not included in the files. Only the Analog FPV Hatch is included in the files.

Available FPV Hatches

Available Camera Holders

Note: Please ask us for more FPV hatches and Action Camera Holders. Contact

Recommended Electronics

  • 4ch+ Radio / FPV System
  • 2814 1100Kv Brushless Motor (Up to 40mm outer diameter will fit)
  • 40A ESC
  • 9045 Propeller
  • 4s 3300-10000 mAh Lipo
  • 4 x 9 grams Servo
  • Any FC - GPS and FPV system
  • Action Cameras like Gopro - Insta360 Go2 - Square Cameras and more...

Buy Discover Power Pack for electronics.

Ultimaker Cura Slicer is recommended! Click to download craycle.curaprofile

Blog Article for Build/Flight videos and more information.

8 reviews for Discover 1200 mm Cinematic FPV Plane STL File

  1. pepearte69 (verified owner)

    Good night. I want to congratulate Cemal and the entire team that has designed the Discover, which apart from being a very beautiful model and flies fantastically well, it is the second Craycle model that I built, the previous one was the 800mm ORCA V2 wing, which also flies very well. I have printed the 2 models on an Artillery Genius printer in PLA PoliAir 1.0 which is a little stronger than normal PLA, I plan to print another Discover in PLA LW which will be lighter

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      I am glad you are satisfied with our models!

  2. Gavin Parker (verified owner)

    Amazing work from Craycle as usual, such a high quality model which prints so fast and excellent quality on the Bambu X1-Carbon , no need to mess with any settings just follow the guide that comes with the model change the walls and set the bottom and top layers and let the magic happen. Also support is excellent when i’ve needed help they get back to you in a timely manner. 3rd plane ive bought from here and will happily buy future releases when they come out. For now i’m going to enjoy flying my Discovery and Orca

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you for your interest in Craycle models! I appreciate that you shared your Bambu X1 experience, a lot of customers use Bambu printers these days.

  3. Rodney Ford (verified owner)

    Discovery first impressions. I had no problem downloading the files and also the Cura profile which installed without any issues (yes I am using 4.13.1and there are still some small glitches in the slicing). The first thing I do is import the STL’s into Fusion 360 and convert them to solids for a detailed look at how they were built. I really like that an effort has been made to design for vase mode slicing, lighter, cleaner, faster. A lot of work has gone into this model and there are some clever features I haven’t seen before. The electronics mounting rails (the screw holes are a cool little feature) and mounting accessories are great also the modular camera/transmitter nose parts. The undercarriage is also a really practical option no one else seems to do. I am interested to see how the lighting system works out and it is nicely integrated into the design. My only criticism with the design is the flat plate tail surfaces, I would rather see an airfoil on these. SD8020 with thickened trailing edge is my go to for them. The associated manual and videos are really good and complete a really impressive package. I will probably build 2 one with standard PLA and one with LW PLA

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      As a designer, I am really glad to read all these nice words and I am happy that you find details that I have worked on the model.

      Tail’s form is about the view. I wanted to see this tail as flat as possible. It wasn’t possible to get this view with an airfoil form (I tried). I made a smooth transition on the edges to ensure efficiency.
      You can see the lighting system now on Youtube: https://youtu.be/qqUEWsdUBsg

      I would love to see your work in our Facebook Craycle Crafter group.

  4. maciej.motylinsky (verified owner)

    Hi, Do You have model for Landing Gear Option 2?

  5. Parinda_8124 (verified owner)

    its my first 3d plane build, and I do have a custom core-0xy printer, and still its easy to print, and the support provided for doubts on printing it was really appreciated, also the profiles of cura works well. i have completed my prints and waiting for few electronics, and let me tell you its really gr8 looking, it actually came out better than i thought. If u r thinking of getting it for a first 3d plane let me tell u it worked good of me so be assured.

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you Tanuj! I am glad you are satisfied with the process. We are always proud to hear “This is the first 3D model I made” from people who are interested in Craycle Models. Welcome to the Community.

  6. pumpkinhead959 (verified owner)

    Started my discovery prints using the gcodes provided on the sovol sv06 3d printer. I was very happy at how the printed parts turned out. Thanks for the efforts put through this models. Keep it going guys! 🫰

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      I am glad you like it 😀

  7. kanso.hassan (verified owner)

    Verry Good

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thanks 😀

  8. Wayne Bontrager (verified owner)

    This model flies incredibly well and assembly is a breeze, with all the parts basically snapping together.
    With my setup of 3s 4400amh battery I get around 1 hour flight, and the good thing is it can handle more battery capacity.
    The electronics trays are really easy to access and customize to your liking.
    This is a well thought out design and is very versatile. Would recommend if you are looking for a long range UAV or just for flying FPV

    • Cemal OZCELIK (store manager)

      Thank you, mate! 3s 4400mAh and 1-hour flight is really a good result.

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