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Adjustable Z Limit Switch Bracket

Z Axis Limit Switch Mounting Option for Creality Printers.

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In Ender 3 V2 printers which has no Autolevel Sensor, the first layer is not at the same height in any print. You have to give a different Z offset each time.

There are 2 things that cause this

First; Position of Z Switch. In the default position, the machine is touching the switch hard. In the horizontal position, the handle of the switch is touched beforehand, softening the touching moment.

Second; The bed is high and not rigid enough. For this reason, the bed adjustment deteriorates after each printing.

We have developed a simple but very effective bracket design that will solve both of these problems. The bracket allows you to adjust the height while keeping the Switch in a horizontal position. Actually this is the 3rd version of the bracket but we didn't want to share before ripening the design.

If you don't have an autolevel sensor on your printer you should definitely use this design. That's why we're sharing it for free to reach everyone.

If you want to support us, you can browse our paid models in the Store.

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